Wasp WWS850 Wireless Barcode Scanner with USB Base

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Product Description

The Wasp WWS850 Freedom Wireless Barcode Scanner Kit is a veritable workhorse that gives you the freedom to roam while staying connected via Bluetooth™. The WWS850 Freedom Wireless Barcode Scanner allows you to move your scanner to the inventory instead of moving your inventory to your scanner. The Freedom Wireless Barcode Scanner uses Bluetooth technology, which allows you to scan barcodes and transmit the data from up to 160 feet (line-of-site) from the base. In Batch Memory Mode, you can work outside the 160-foot line-of-site range. Effectively, that means you can scan and store multiple barcodes located out of the 160-foot line of site. Scan barcodes from 1 to 25 inches away with the Freedom’s aggressive laser scan engine. With a battery life of 50 hours (35,000 scans) and a drop specification of almost 5 feet (1.5 meters), the Freedom is capable of meeting the demands of a rigorous work environment.

The kit comes complete with a Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner, Bluetooth radio/recharge base, and cable for the base. The base performs two functions: it recharges the battery and supports wireless operation of up to seven scanners. Ideal for warehouse, factory floor, field service, and retail environments. The Wasp Freedom Wireless Barcode Scanner supports Microsoft Windows, Microsoft NT, DOS and Macintosh applications.

-Increase productivity by providing freedom to roam to merchandise or inventory
-Fast, accurate entry of barcode data into your DOS, Windows 9x, 2000, ME, XP, NT and Macintosh applications
-Increase reliability by eliminating the cable (which is subject to wear and tear)

-Data transfer distance of up to 160 line-of-site feet from the base
-Transmits data via Bluetooth communication
-Out-of-range alarm
-Batch Memory Mode allows out-of-range items to be scanned and automatically transferred to base when in-range communication is established
-Aggressive read rates
-Durable design is rugged enough for light industrial environments
-Scanner connects directly with a Bluetooth adapter using HID or Serial Bluetooth
-Supports preamble and postamble characters
-1” to 25” scan range
-Available in USB, PS/2 or RS232 connectivity


Decoding standardsCode 39 (Standard / Full ASCII)\nItaly Pharmacode \nFrench Pharmacode \nIndustrial 25 \nInterleaved 2 of 5 \nMatrix 25 \nCodabar (NW-7) \nUPC-A (with or without Addon) \nUPC-E (with or without Addon) EAN-8 (with or without Addon) \nEAN-13 (with or without Addon) \nCode 93 \nCode 128 \nEAN-128 \nMSI Plessey\nPlessey\nRSS14\nTelepen
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