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Techdna Pay Cash FAQ

Below listed are some frequently asked questions about the Pay Cash service.


How will I know where to go to pay cash for my purchases?

There are over 20,000 PayPoint outlets across the UK. For 95 per cent of all householders there is an outlet within 1 mile in urban areas and 5 miles in rural areas. To find your nearest outlet please click here.

Where are the PayPoint terminals located?


The terminals are typically located in convenience stores, off licenses, newsagents and general stores. Just look out for the distinctive yellow PayPoint logo or the yellow PayPoint terminal at the cashiers desk. To find your nearest PayPoint in-store terminal please click here



How long is the barcode valid for?

Your Techdna barcode is valid for 7 days from the date it was generated.

Is there a limit on the cash payment value transaction?

Payments between £5 and £500 can be made through Pay Cash. You will only be able to pay the amount instructed with the barcode. Payment of any other amount is prohibited.

How can I be sure the website I am purchasing from is a safe and secure site?

Techdna.co.uk has partnered with PayPoint to provide integrated Paycash solutions through Paypoint terminals . PayPoint is the result of an acquisition of SECPay and Metacharge by PayPoint PLC. PayPoint PLC has led the way in cash payments since 1996 and is a recognisable brand in the UK.

To find out more about why its safe to shop at Techdna.co.uk, click here.

I do not have access to a printer; can I still pay by Pay Cash?

If it is not possible to print the invoice for any reason, the 19-digit code beneath the barcode should be noted and presented to the cashier at the chosen PayPoint Outlet where it can then be entered manually.

Is there a charge to me when I purchase using PayCash?

There is no charge levied either online or at the point of payment at a PayPoint terminal. You pay the same amount as you would otherwise pay via credit or debit card.

What happens if I have misplaced my printed barcode?

Simply login to your Techdna.co.uk account and reprint your PayCash invoice from your order history page.

How is this product different to other services that are already accepting online cash payments?

Pay Cash is a truly transparent cash payment solution which requires no pre-registration or membership and no pre-paid card or wallet. You can simply reserve goods on our website before paying for them offline via the UK’s largest cash payment network. With no pre-payment required, you enjoy the simplicity of paying the exact amount required – no need to purchase vouchers which can cause underpay or overpay.

It is also a real-time solution, which means we get (almost) instant feedback as soon as you make payment at any PayPoint terminal across the UK.

How does the PayCash payment slip / invoice look like?

Click here to view a sample PayCash payment slip