KVM Console to USB 2.0 Portable Laptop Crash Cart Adapter

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Product Description

Turn any laptop into a console for headless servers, PCs, ATMs, Kiosks and more!

- Ultra high resolution support up to 1920 x 1600 @ 60Hz – The highest resolution portable console available
- No power adapter needed - Draws power from the server side USB connection saving your laptop’s battery life, and avoiding the hassle of finding 110V outlets in the server room or remote locations
- Small, ruggedized casing (similar to the size of a cellphone) is easily stored and transported; with no server-side software requirement, you will be up and running in seconds’s USB 2.0 Laptop KVM Adapter turns your notebook or netbook into a portable server crashcart, eliminating the need to lug around a large, heavy and awkward video screen, keyboard, and mouse. This adapter delivers the VGA stream from any host computer to a laptop and emulates the laptop mouse and keyboard outputs, for simple access and control of connected servers, PCs or other "headless" devices.

With portability for the mobile administrator or repair technician in mind, this self-powered adapter features a small-footprint design that requires no additional accessories to connect to most servers, and requires no server-side software installation. Plus, the pocket-sized adapter draws its power from the server-side connections, allowing the laptop/netbook to last longer without consuming battery power.

Ensuring full control of the connected units, the Laptop KVM Server Console Adapter provides immediate access to the BIOS post and the ability to handle full configuration of the attached PC or machine; administrators can connect to a headless server/device without the need of an expensive LCD rackmount console or bulky monitor, keyboard, and mouse solution.


Cable colourBlack
Technical details
Weight170 g
Package weight400 g
Height15 mm
Width74 mm
Depth115 mm
Compatible operating systemsWindows XP(32/64bit)/ Vista(32/64bit)/ 7(32/64bit)/ Server 2008 R2\nMac OS x\nLinux Fedora(FC10/ FC11)/ Ubuntu (8.10/9.4)
I/O ports1x USB A Male\n1x High Density DB15 (VGA) Male\n1x 6 pin mini-DIN PS/2 Male

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