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    Philips Dictation Speechmike III Pro Prem
    The SpeechMike Premium takes dictation to a new level, whether it's the free-floating studio-quality Precision Microphone, a microphone grille with optimised structure, the built-in noise-reduction pop filter or the...
    RRP Є355.42 Є272.57 (You save Є82.85) Free UK Delivery
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    Olympus DS-7000
    Professional dictation has never been so powerful and simple. The DS-7000 satisfy highest demands for business dictation requirements. The durable, metal-bodied units with their large colour LCD screen combine best usability...
    RRP Є770.59 Є490.01 (You save Є280.58) Free UK Delivery
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    Philips LFH9154 Image 1
    Benefit from long-lasting performance for your digital recorder. Nickel-Metal Hydride technology allows recharging up to 1000 times and makes replacement of the batteries almost unnecessary.
    RRP Є56.50 Є46.11 (You save Є10.38)
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    Olympus DS-3500
    With its clear and simple operation concept, the DS-3500 ensures maximum efficiency and productivity. It has a 2” colour TFT LCD with 60,000 colours and white LED backlight. Access to all main commands is cleverly positioned...
    RRP Є541.05 Є344.04 (You save Є197.01) Free UK Delivery
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    Olympus DS-2500
    Professional solution to enhance office workflow Give efficiency a lift in your workplace with the attractively styled, metal-bodied Olympus DS-2500 digital dictation device. Ideal for all busy professionals, this powerful...
    RRP Є413.57 Є262.97 (You save Є150.59) Free UK Delivery
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  • Philips DVT2710 Internal memory & flash card Anthracite,Chrome dictaphone
    Turn your voice into text with first-class recordings and speech recognition Record documents and notes on the move in high quality. Back at your desk, simply connect the recorder to your computer, transfer your files and...
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    Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit Image 1
    For dedicated transcription needs, Olympus offers the optional AS-2400 Transcription Kit which includes a footswitch and headset for hands-free operation. The AS-2400 guarantees easy transcriptions of any DSSPro recordings...
    RRP Є238.60 Є154.53 (You save Є84.06) Free UK Delivery
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