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  • Philips LFH9154 Image 1
    Benefit from long-lasting performance for your digital recorder. Nickel-Metal Hydride technology allows recharging up to 1000 times and makes replacement of the batteries almost unnecessary.
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    Olympus DS-3500
    With its clear and simple operation concept, the DS-3500 ensures maximum efficiency and productivity. It has a 2” colour TFT LCD with 60,000 colours and white LED backlight. Access to all main commands is cleverly positioned...
    RRP Є494.99 Є420.41 (You save Є74.58) Free UK Delivery
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    Sony ICD-BX140 dictaphone
    Record and replay every word
    RRP Є49.50 Є35.31 (You save Є14.19)
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    Olympus DM-650
    DM-650 by Olympus
    RRP Є269.99 Є184.88 (You save Є85.11) Free UK Delivery
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    Olympus VN-733PC
    Affordable functionality and performance. The top model of the VN series is ideal for those wanting a cost-efficient and functional digital voice recorder. Optimized settings for optimal results. Make sure your recordings...
    RRP Є105.00 Є79.58 (You save Є25.43)
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    Sony ICD-PX333 dictaphone
    Add extra memory and use advanced features to manage recordings MP3 recording/playback: Capture high quality crystal clear audio, and listen back through the 300mW front speaker. Recording time: Built-in maximum recording...
    RRP Є88.20 Є51.57 (You save Є36.63)
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  • SAVE Є106
    Olympus DS-7000
    Professional dictation has never been so powerful and simple. The DS-7000 satisfy highest demands for business dictation requirements. The durable, metal-bodied units with their large colour LCD screen combine best usability...
    RRP Є704.99 Є598.79 (You save Є106.20) Free UK Delivery
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  • Sony Digital Voice Recorder
    CD-PX440: Audio Recording with USB Direct Connection for Business Professionals The ICD-PX440 comes in a compact design for easy transportation for business professionals. It has a stereo built-in microphone for better...
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    Sony ICD-UX533
    ICD-UX533 by Sony
    RRP Є142.20 Є86.73 (You save Є55.47)
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    Philips Dictation Speechmike III Pro Prem
    The SpeechMike Premium takes dictation to a new level, whether it's the free-floating studio-quality Precision Microphone, a microphone grille with optimised structure, the built-in noise-reduction pop filter or the...
    RRP Є412.20 Є318.81 (You save Є93.39) Free UK Delivery
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    Philips LFH9173
    LFH9173 by Philips
    RRP Є33.68 Є30.39 (You save Є3.29)
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    Olympus DS-2500
    Professional solution to enhance office workflow Give efficiency a lift in your workplace with the attractively styled, metal-bodied Olympus DS-2500 digital dictation device. Ideal for all busy professionals, this powerful...
    RRP Є398.28 Є275.13 (You save Є123.15) Free UK Delivery
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  • Sony Digital Voice Recorder ICDPX240.CE7
    - 4 GB MP3 voice recorder with a built-in 300mW speaker. - Record MP3 audio and play it back through a 300mW speaker. - Long battery life enables up to 32hrs recording (MP3 8kbps). - 4GB of memory lets you store up to...
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  • Philips LFH0388 Pocket Memo Cassette Recorder (Black)
    Simply working smarter with Philips dictation solutions Mobility and flexibility are critical in today's fast-moving business environments. The Philips Pocket Memo dictation recorder gives you the freedom to work when and...
    Є264.06 Free UK Delivery
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  • SAVE Є32
    Olympus  VN-7700
    Recording messages on the go just got even easier! The VN-7700 has 2 GB of memory for well over 1,100 hours of messages. The 16-point index and file divide function make it easy to find the spot you’re looking for. Repeat...
    RRP Є71.99 Є39.78 (You save Є32.21)
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  • SAVE Є115
    Olympus DM-901
    Advanced design. Enhanced usability. Our smartphone app enables remote control recordings via Wi-Fi, which optimizes the recording quality by allowing you to set the recorder close to the speaker. Download the recorded files...
    RRP Є299.99 Є184.88 (You save Є115.11) Free UK Delivery
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    Sony Digital Voice Recorder built in USB
    Stereo mic and headphones, USB, MP3 recording, MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC playback, 4GB, memory card slot - One device stores all your content - Record in high quality stereo sound
    RRP Є124.50 Є86.73 (You save Є37.77)
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    Philips DPM8000 Slide-switch operation Digital Voice Recorder
    The Pocket Memo digital voice recorder takes dictation to a new level. Breakthrough 3D Mic technology delivers the best audio quality in any recording situation.
    RRP Є844.20 Є577.37 (You save Є266.84) Free UK Delivery
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