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Head quarters are based in Paris, France, Sagem are the third largest electronics company in Europe. Sagem are heavily involved in both the Defense and Communications Industries.

The company was bought out by its employees in 1985 making Sagem a employee owned company and in 2003 both Sagem International and Sagem SA merged to make operations easier.

Sagem have a great global presence featuring in over 20 countries in the cellular technology industry. Sagem develops nobile handsets using all the available technology such as camera, GPRS, video, 3G, MMS, SMS, EMS and more. In the UK, Sagem have been offering their handsets to customers from the late 90's through to the present day. Vodafone is the main network that uses Sagem in the UK and the popularity has gone from strength to strength. Its not only the UK it has a presence in, other European, Asia and Latin countries Sagem features in. Sagem also manufactures fax machines, computer devices, network peripherals and other electronic devices.

Sagem also supplies electronic devices to the defence such as navigation,. helicopter, security equipment etc.

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