Belkin Ultra ATA 133 60cm Hard Drive Round Ribbon Cable

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Product Description

Replace your old style ribbon cables with high quality rounded cables. These cables are highly flexible, allowing you to easily achieve complex drive configurations that would be impossible with stiff ribbon cables. Now your data can flow in a never-ending stream of information. Connects an internal IDE hard drive to your controller card. Required for maximum performance of Ultra ATA-66 /100/133 UDMA-66/100/133 IDE drives.


  • Fast data transfer, up to 133Mbits/sec.
  • Increase data integrity. 
  • Compatible with all IDE hard drives. 
  • Required for maximum performance of Ultra ATA-66/100/133 UDMA-66/100/133 IDE drives.
  • Belkin Lifetime Guarantee.


  • Colour-Coded blue, grey, and black connectors for easy installation. 
  • Three 40-socket female connectors: one to attach the cable to the controller card, and two for connecting hard drives. 
  • Rounded for increased airflow.

Length of cable from motherboard connector to first connector is roughly 40cm. Length of cable from first connector to second connector is roughly 20cm


Technical details
Cable type Hard Drive Round
Cable length 0.6 m
Connector(s) 40 PIN IDE
Cable colour Black

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